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Intermodal Shipping Container Small Steel Buildings

Expanded Discussion of the Method for Converting
Shipping Containers into a Habitable Steel Building

Tapping Into Water Low Tech Well Drilling Techniques and Tools

A China Shipping Line container ship arrives at the Port of Seattle (2005).

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Google Sketchup Container Building Models (.skp files)
Shipping Container Garage
Three Container Building (version 1)
Three Container Building (version 2)
Container Building with Shed Roof
Side-by-Side Container Building
Concrete Form Tube Pier
Recessed Door Wall
Cross Members
Container Frame
Joining Containers A
Joining Containers B
Mid-Span Supports
Top Plates for Roof Trusses
Angle Iron Framing for Doors and Windows

Google Sketchup Well Drilling Models (.skp files)
Percussion Drilling Tripod
Percussion Drilling Quadpod
Fulcrum and Lever Tool
Star Blade Percussion Bit
Flap Bailer Valve
Dart Bailer Valve
Well Point Driver

Distribution Unlimited Government Manuals (pdf)
Military Handbook 138 Guide to Shipping Container Inspection
Field Manual 5-484 Procedures for Well Drilling

Shipping Container Home Books (pdf)
Report on Building a Shipping Container Home
Let Me Tell You Something About Shipping Container Homes

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Low Tech Well Drilling Techniques and Tools"